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New GRE Word List 6

Individuals of religion

  1. Neophyte: recent convert to a faith
  2. Nullifidian: person without religious faith: skeptic
  3. Penitent: person who confesses sin and seeks repentance
  4. Pontiff: pope
  5. Predicant :preacher
  6. Proselyte: new convert to religion
  7. Recreant : one who renounces faith
  8. Reprobate : one who is damned
  9. Seminarian : person studying to become member of the clergy
  10. Seraph : one of the highest order of the angels
  11. Sexton : person who watches over church property and usually rings bells for service
  12. Televangelist : Evangelist who preaches over television
  13. Theologian : person who has studied religious faith and practices
  14. Votary: person bound by religious vows

Buildings of Religion Institutions

  1. Abbey : monastery
  2. Altar : raised platform
  3. Bethel : church for seamen
  4. Chapel : small house of worship associated with large church
  5. Curia : the papal court
  6. Naos: ancient temple. Shrine
  7. Nave : main axis of church or cathedral
  8. Pantheon: temple dedicated to all Gods
  9. Papacy : institution and office of the pope
  10. Parish : local church
  11. Pew : bench or seat on which several people sit in a church
  12. Pulpit : lectern from which preacher conducts religious service
  13. Sanctuary : sacred portion of church surrounding altar
  14. Seminary : institution providing training for priesthood
  15. Synagogue : Jewish place of worship
  16. Synod : church council
  17. Vestry : room in church for storage of vestments

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