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New GRE Word List 28



  1. Doggerel: silly or bad poetry
  2. Epilogue: concluding segment after the main body
  3. Euphony: pleasantness of sounds in poetry
  4. Exegesis : critical interpretation of text
  5. Genre: category of composition with a specific style
  6. Gloss: continuous commentary appearing in a text
  7. Imagery : language used to evoke mental picture
  8. Irony: words expressing other than literal meanings
  9. Leitmotif : dominant theme
  10. Mimesis: imitation of person’s style/grammar
  11. Motif: recurring theme
  12. Passus: division of story
  13. Plagiarism: literary theft
  14. Sarcasm : ironic/caustic language against an individual
  15. Simile: speech comparing two similar things
  16. Almanac: book with information on various fields
  17. Compendium: concise but comprehensive work
  18. Canon: work ascribed to author and accepted as genuine
  19. Concordance : alphabetical index of topics
  20. Hornbook : child’s primer
  21. Magnum opus : one author’s classical masterpiece
  22. Omnibus: book containing the works of a single author
  23. Tome : very large or scholarly work

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2 Responses to “New GRE Word List 28”

  1. rajat rajawat on August 22nd, 2011 7:00 pm

    sir , i m from india .i m much confused sir as nowadays as this is ressucion time is this affect our future .how much package average do we obtain after completing our ms from average good university,sir tell me the average gre score for good university

  2. shipra on August 23rd, 2011 6:14 am

    Thanks for your comment Rajat, we can only help you with GRE exam.

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