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New GRE Word List 17

Sounds and Noises

  1. Acoustics: branch of physics that deals with sound and sound waves
  2. Audiology: study of hearing disorders
  3. Aural : pertaining to the ear or sense of hearing
  4. Babel : confused mixture of sounds and noises
  5. Cacophony: harsh, discordance of sounds
  6. Clamor: loud and continuous sounds
  7. Consonance : harmony of sounds
  8. Din: loud, confused, continuous sound
  9. Earshot : distance within which sound or noise can be heard
  10. Eavesdrop: listen secretly to a conversation
  11. Euphony: pleasant combination of words
  12. Fain t: lacking loudness
  13. Hush : silence after noise
  14. Listen in : over hear, eavesdrop
  15. Lull: temporary stillness
  16. Muffle : deaden sound
  17. Mute : silent
  18. Otology : study or treatment of diseases of the ear
  19. Racket : loud, disturbing noise
  20. Ring: give forth a clear resonant sound
  21. Sibilation: hissing sound
  22. Sonant : having sound
  23. Sonorous : loud and deep toned
  24. Stone deaf: totally deaf
  25. Strident : harsh or creaking sound

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