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New GRE Word List 15

Language and phonetics- 2

  1. Declamation:  recitation as exercise in oratory or elocution
  2. Denotation : specific literal meaning
  3. Diatribe: abusive, bitter style of speech
  4. Dysphemism : harsh or unpleasant language
  5. Ellipsis : omission of words
  6. Endearment : affectionate form of address
  7. Epigram : concise, vivid saying
  8. Epilogue: concluding statement
  9. Epithet : descriptive often disparaging phrase
  10. Equivocation : use of ambiguity in order to
  11. Eulogy: formal extended phrase of praise
  12. Euphemism: indirect mild language often used as a substitute
  13. Exordium: introduction to oration
  14. Forensics: study of argumentation and debate
  15. Harangue : bombastic ranting
  16. Homily : morally instructive speech
  17. Hypocorism : pet name
  18. Imprecation: curse
  19. Innuendo : insinuation of words with unpleasant connotation
  20. Invective : abusive language
  21. Invocation : address to God or higher power
  22. Lingo : strange obscure language or jargon
  23. Litany : prayer or supplication
  24. Locution : style of expression
  25. Malapropism : incorrect use of word
  26. Malediction : curse
  27. Maxim: aphorism, proverb
  28. Nutshell: brief statement reducing something to its essence
  29. Onomatomania : obsession with words, meanings and their sounds
  30. Oxymoron: combination of two contradictory terms
  31. Palindrome: word, phrase or sentence reading same both forward and backward
  32. Panegyric : eulogy
  33. Pangram: sentence, word containing all the letters of the alphabet
  34. Parable : short story that has a moral attitude or principle
  35. Paradox: apparently contradictory statement that is actually true
  36. Periphrasis: indirect word style of expression
  37. Peroration : concluding remarks at the end of a speech
  38. Persiflage: banter, light chatter
  39. Platitude: common place remark, cliché
  40. Pleonasm : redundancy
  41. Polemic: argument set forth esp on a controversial subject
  42. Chestnut : odd or unfamiliar anecdote or joke

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