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New GRE Word List 13

Diagnostic terms

  1. Ambulatory : designating patient who is able to leave bed and walk
  2. Autologous derived from same individual or organism
  3. Carcinogen: substance that might produce cancer in living tissue
  4. Congenital : condition present at birth, often inherited
  5. Dystrophy: faulty nutrition
  6. Endemic : disease that is constantly present in particular region but generally under control
  7. Epidemic: contagious disease that spreads rapidly through population of a specific region
  8. Hypochondria : Obsession with real and imagined physical ailments
  9. Etiology: cause of specific disease
  10. Iatrogenic: resulting from treatment
  11. Incubation period: time between entry of disease organisms into body and onset of disease symptoms
  12. Morbidity : state of being diseased
  13. Moribund: dying
  14. Mortify : cause body tissue to decay
  15. Pandemic: epidemic disease that spreads to different countries over large region
  16. Pathogenic: disease causing
  17. Pathology: study of disease processes and course of disease
  18. Prognosis : assessment of future course and outcome of patient’s disease
  19. Virulent: disease producing
  20. Zoonosis: any infectious disease of animals such as rabies that can be transmitted to humans


  1. Aerobics: vigorous exercise
  2. Calisthenics: individual gymnastics
  3. Dancercise : system of vigorous dance movements done to music for fitness
  4. Ergonomics:Β  study or practice of adapting working environment to needs of the body
  5. Herbalism : use of herbs for healing
  6. Kinesiology: : principle of anatomy and mechanics in human movements
  7. Work out: strenuous exercise especially aerobic

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