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sang-froid – composure in agitating circumstances

sans-gene – without constraint

sauve qui peut – everyone for himself

savoir faire – the quality of knowing what to do

schadenfreude – the malicious enjoyment of another’s misfortunes

sehnsucht - yearning, wistful longing

sensur stricto -in a narrow sense

shul ~ a synagogue

sic – (usually in brackets) used, spelt, etc. as written (confirming, or drawing attention to, the form of quoted or copied words).

siffleur- (fem, siffleuse) a professional whistler

sine die – (of business) adjourned indefinitely

sine qua non – an indispensable requirement

skil, skoal – used as toast in drinking

slainte – a Gaelic toast; good health!

soi-disant – self-styled

soigne – (fern. soignee) – carefully finished or arranged; well-groomed

son et lumiere - an entertainment by night at a historic place, recounting its history by means of lighting effects and recorded sound

sotto voce – in an undertone

souteneur- a pimp

spatlese – white wine made (especially in Germany) from grapes gathered later than the general harvest.

sportif- interested in sports; suitable for informal wear

status quo – the existing state of affairs

sturm und drang - a late eighteenth-century German artistic and literary movement expressing violent emotion

sub rosa - (of consultation etc.) in secrecy.

success de scandale – a book, play, etc. made successful by its scandalous content.

sui generic β€” of its own kind; unique

summum bonum - the highest good

supra – above, earlier on (in a book or writing).

supreme - a dish served in a rich cream sauce

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