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Hi all, synonyms and antonyms are the pivotal constituent of GRE’s verbal section. To answer synonyms type questions you have to pick out word which is equivalent in meaning to the main word but , antonyms type questions require a word which is contrary in meaning to main word .Here is a list of some commonly use words with its synonym and antonym. Students are required to learn the words given in the following list cautiously. These words will increase your treasury of words.


Not graceful; ungainly

Synonyms    clumsy, ungainly, ponderous, rough

Antonyms    clever, dexterous, apt, skillful


Magnify, amplify increase in size, volume or significance

Synonyms    enlarge, blow up, aggrandize, amplify, and augment

Antonyms    diminish, minimize, play down, and reduce


Dull, life less

Synonyms    prosaic, somber, unexciting, bland, dreary

Antonyms    brilliant, vibrant, lively, shining, spirited


Very cautious, not giving or expending freely

Synonyms    frugal, prudent, heedful, cagey

Antonyms    careless, heedless, incautious, brash


Powerfully persuasive
Synonyms    convincing, strong, powerful, forceful

Antonyms   dissuasive, unpersuasive, unconvincing, weak, powerless


Hesitant to state facts or opinions simply

Synonyms    hypocritical, euphemistic, devious, afraid, doubtful

Antonyms    direct, sincere, unequivocal


Not sensible about practical matters.

Synonyms    wild-eyed, romantic, romanticist, amatory

Antonyms    practical, pragmatic, unromantic


The courage to carry on

Synonyms    mettle, ignition, spirit, warm-heartedness, boldness

Antonyms    timidity, cowardice, diffidence, weakness

Apart from learning these words you can also take test available on learnwordlist.com. Do remember regular practice of antonyms and synonyms is very important to score decent in verbal section .Kindly leave your comment, opinion underneath this blog.

Good luck with GRE exam!!!

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