Learn Word list GRE High Score

Test-taking Strategies to Improve Your Score in GRE and TOEFL Exams

Set a goal of scoring high. This is one of the most important thing before going to GRE and TOEFL exams. Concentrate on the questions that test vocabulary in the antonyms and the analogies portions. Although you probably cannot dramatically change your basic reading comprehension level in a few hours, you can add to your […]

Revised GRE Update: Online Writing Practice

Hi all, if you are planning to take revised GRE then here is excellent news for you. ETS is offering a great online utility which will allows to compose an essay either online or offline. Once you compose an essay, submit it and get an immediate feedback. Isn’t it an amazing way to measure your […]

GRE Alphabet ‘A’ Vocabulary

Many students prefer to learn words in alphabetical order. They think this methodology can improve their grip on word power. Contrary to this truth is learning words in series can induce dementia immensely. Alphabetical learning can make your brain fall asleep. Suppose if you have chosen to learn all the words starting with ‘A’. No […]

Top GRE Words

It is quite obvious that in order to beat GRE one needs to learn extensive vocabulary.  This is an irrefutable part of the exam, at least with current pattern of GRE. Well, one can build sizable number of vocabulary with ease if s/he keeps acquiring new words from time to time. Especially, those students that […]

Idioms related to success- failure

There is no exaggeration to this thought that idioms enhance the quality of writing piece, if implemented appropriately. It is important to learn good number of idioms to compose impressive essay. However learning all of them is really not feasible for anybody. But, it is important to learn the best from the rest. Through this […]

Writing tips for Analytical Writing Section

This week I have received many requests to write something on writing tips for AWA essay.  I hope you all must be aware of the basics of AWA essays of GRE. AWA section, consist of two essay topic: Issue and argument essay. In Analyze an Issue task, you are required to evaluate the issue, keeping […]

Confusing GRE words

Confusing words generally resemble with other words in terms of spelling or pronunciation. Even some times attached prefix or suffix creates confusion (see the word fatuous in following list). It is always important to master the meaning, spelling, pronunciation of words for their correct usage in sentences. But, some words are always troublesome in terms […]

Native American idioms

Idioms are common part of language. Native speakers use it so frequently that they even do not realize while using them. Idioms used judiciously add to the flavor of your writing. They are useful for narrating briefer and interesting descriptions. Below mentioned are American idioms. These are used by Native Americans: Horse of a different […]

Vocabulary for revised GRE

As we know with revised GRE antonyms and analogy questions are going completely out of picture so no more out of context words. Does this mean there would be no vocabulary portion in revised GRE? Not exactly! There would be questions on in- context vocabulary. Read following words they can help you in solving Reading […]

Top words for GRE verbal

To become proficient in the Verbal Section of the GRE, a vast knowledge base of vocabulary words as well as their proper implementation is required. Following GRE vocabulary resources will aid your preparation for the GRE. Kindly read them thoroughly for better GRE verbal score. Prodigal One who expands money unneeded; given in abundance; example, […]

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